A Message from Beth Cassell, President

The Friends of Fruitville Library have a lot to celebrate.  Most important is the renewal of the all-important “Penny Tax.”             

The “Penny Tax” supports capital programs for libraries, parks, and schools, as well as many aspects of public services that make Sarasota such a special place.  The Fruitville Library is on the list to be remodeled and expanded using these funds.  A brand-new History Center is planned for land adjacent to the library, creating a cultural campus that will serve the community in many ways. 

The Friends of Fruitville Library are making our own plans for the future.  If you’d like to be a part of this exciting opportunity, please watch for opportunities for citizen input into planning, become a member of the Friends (or consider an extra donation when you renew your membership), and volunteer to help us meet the challenges ahead. 

Thanks to all who voted for this measure, to those Board members who worked in the election, and to our librarians who worked extra hours so the library could serve as an early voting site! 

See you at the Library!  November 2022