Friends of the Fruitville Library

There are several ways to donate to the Friends of the Fruitville Library.

Donate to the Friends Bookstore

  • What to donate
    • Hardback/Paperback Books
    • Magazines no more than one year old
    • CDs
    • Audio Books
    • Movies (VHS, DVD and Blue-ray)
  • We Do Not accept
    • Moldy or Dusty Books
    • Encyclopedias
    • Text Books
    • Records
    • Personally recorded video/audio items

When you are ready, simply bring your donation to the Friends Bookstore located inside the Fruitville Public Library during Library business hours. A cart is available for large donations. A receipt for donations is available although we do not appraise the value of your donation.

The Friends Donation Policy
We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. The Friends of the Fruitville Library site collects your email address for the purpose of sending online donation confirmations and other communications. The Friends of the Fruitville Library will not disclose, sell, trade, rent or otherwise reveal your email address to any entity.