Friends of the Fruitville Library

The first meeting of the Friends of the Fruitville Public Library was in April 2001 under the original name of the Friends of the East County Library under the leadership of Mrs. Ruth Dickie as the first President and several Board of Directors.

The Friends of the East County Library became a nonprofit corporation in June 2001.

The Fruitville Public Library celebrated its grand opening on December 8, 2001 with Mrs. Sarabeth Kalajian as Head Librarian, a full staff of employees, 59 volunteers and lots of community support. The Friends Bookstore also opened inside the library.

In July 2002 the name was officially changed to The Friends of the Fruitville Public Library, Inc. because Sarasota County changed the library’s designation to the Fruitville Public Library from the East County Library.

The Friends were a major contributor in the building of the Reading Garden in 2003. A brick paved path was installed in the garden and the fundraising sale of engraved bricks was started.

Today there are 255 engraved bricks in the Reading Garden.

In June of 2003 the Friends held a major membership drive with great success. Today there are 148 active members of the Friends of the Fruitville Library.

Over the years there have been several creative fundraisers by the Friends where all the proceeds go to support the Fruitville Library and its needs.